Simplest way to get rid of your snapshot delta files in Vmware workstation 10

My initial vmdk file was 40GB, then I created 4 snapshots which added the file -0001.vmdk–>0002.vmdk—>0003.vmdk and finally 0004.vmdk. In my settings for VM, the hard disk was pointing to 0004.vmdk which had grown to the size of 50gb now.

That’s right, my original VM was about 40GB in total size and now with snapshots, it was taking almost 120GB.

The easiest workaround I found was to

  • BACK UP all my inside to the VM to as NAS drive.
  • Stop the VM
  • Edit the .vmx file in notepad and change the configuration to scsi0:0.fileName = “original.vmdk”
  •  Start the VM again

It started as it was in the fresh state before any of those snapshots were created.


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