How much do you invest on a BizTalk developer for hardware and software?

Recently, I had to analyze and provide per yearly cost incurred by the company to setup the Microsoft BizTalk Server development environment for its developers.

Assuming that each developer would be provided with individual virtual machine to remote in and work, below table depicts the costs that would typically incurred for “per developer per server”. All numbers below are approximation.

Software Cost – MSDN License
for Visual Studio Professional. Includes Operating system, SQL Server and BizTalk Server

$1200 for 1st year.

$799 recurring.

Hardware cost

 $2000 / Server

Recurring Server maintenance cost

 $600 / Year

VM maintenance cost

 $480 /Year


Appr. $4280 / Developer per year


MSDN Subscription chart is found below or in the following link :



TFS – Team Foundation Server is included in the MSDN subscription, so you would not have to buy a separate license for the developers, who are already subscribed for MSDN.

For Non-developers, such as PMs, Bas, you need to purchase a CAL license individually or on volume licensing, which may typically cost around $300-400


Microsoft licensing white paper regarding TFS states as below.

Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2012 can be obtained using MSDN subscriptions. Visual Studio Ultimate with MSDN, Visual Studio Premium with MSDN, Visual Studio Professional with MSDN, and Visual Studio Test Professional with MSDN subscribers can download and deploy one instance of Team Foundation Server 2012. These same MSDN subscribers are granted a Team Foundation Server 2012 CAL to be used within their organization (it is not valid for use of Team Foundation Server acquired by a different organization). ”


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