BizTalk Server 2013 licensing model

BizTalk Server Licensing model has changed to per core basis, Below is the cost sheet advertised to public

Here are key points to consider while licensing a BizTalk server:

  • You must license all the cores used for the BizTalk server
  • Minimum of 4 core licenses required ( even if your server has less than 4 cores, ex: single core and dual core machines)
  • Core licenses can be purchased in pack of two.
  • Processor Cores are priced at 1/4 the cost of BizTalk 2010 processor license. BizTalk 2010 processor license was around $44,000, the new core license is $10,835. So if you are licensing a server with only quad core processor present, then the pricing is identical to BizTalk 2010 pricing.
  • Actual number of core licenses required may vary based on processor type and core factor.

    Also, May be most of you know this, BizTalk Server Developer edition is available license free and can be installed in Dev and Test environments. Dev edition also offers the fail-over clustering, so there by companies who wish to save on budget can install developer edition in their Test environments.

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