Microsoft Application Infrastructure Technologies.

Being a BizTalk Evangelist, It makes me happy to se BizTalk Server is standing audaciously alongside “Server AppFabric” and “Azure AppFabric”.


Click here to know what I am talking about!

Click here to read more about Middleware from Microsoft



Pricing and Licensing

BizTalk Server

Enterprise : $44,228

Standard : $10,138


Volla No Cost?

Windows Server AppFabric is free, so there’s no licensing ‘cost’ involved – it’s treated as an add-on to Windows/the .NET framework. The Azure AppFabric SDK does come with a license which states what you can redistribute, but the licence screen in the Windows Server AppFabric installer refers you to the Windows license.

However, while AppFabric has no cost implications in and of itself, if you want to use the high availability features in an AppFabric cache, all cache hosts must be running Windows Server Enterprise Edition. There are more details on this here (para. 3), this also refers you to the installation guide (although having just read through the installation guide again I couldn’t see this restriction mentioned anywhere).

Download it here



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