Integrate with SalesForce

On my quest to identify the right tool/technology to integrate the scribe data with

Requirement :- Send about 6 pre-identified data elements (scribe data) to the Volume :- 5000 records per day.

Below are some options at my disposal

BizTalk Server with Adapter

  • has done pretty good job on developing that adapter back in 2006, But we had to make it work on BizTalk Server 2010.
  • This is the only adapter I could find out for the BizTalk Server and based on the reviews/discussions in forums, it was not a wise choice for me to go with this adapter.

  • Lastly, I could consider integrating the BizTalk with SalesForce using WCF Custom Adapter, I will explore more on this option and update you all.

SSIS with

    • CozyRoc Adapter :- My Client is already using this, so may be we could leverage the same to talk with SalesForce.  ~=$399/yr

    • PragmaticWorks Adapter :- They seem to have a good adapter as well, this could be considered as any alternative. ~=$795 lifetime

Workflow console application with

  • This option requires you to build it yourself and implement the complete interface with
  • WCF Workflow services hosted on Windows AppFabric seems to the the best option at the moment, Because it need have to go through the hassle of sharing the resources with our primary BizTalk Server. provides us good oversight of integration with them.




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